Wilted Eden

by Jail Weddings

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released September 20, 2019

All songs written by Gabriel Hart © & ℗ 2019 Tru-Vow Tunes (SESAC)
Produced by Gabriel Hart and Jail Weddings
Recorded from Winter 2015 - Spring 2018 at The Station House in Echo Park, CA
Engineered and mixed by Mark Rains
Mastered by Pete Lyman at Infrasonic Mastering, Nashville, TN

Dedicated to the memories of Matty Rue, Namella Kim, Kate Beesley, Charlie Megira, Sheree Allen... and to anyone lost in the struggle of “settling down” – this album is for you.

Gabriel Hart – vocals, guitars, saxophone, arrangements
Marianne Stewart – vocals
Kristina Benson – vocals, piano, keyboards, theremin
Seth Miller – bass
Anthony Cozzi – guitars, synthesizers
Julie Carpenter – violin, string arrangements
Dave Clifford – lead and rhythm drums, arrangements

Morgan Hart Delaney - bass on "Blood Moon Blue."
Neil Busch - bass on tracks 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9
Christopher Rager - guitar on tracks 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9
Marty Sataman – keyboards on tracks 3, 4, 5, 8, 9
Brad Caulkins - flute on "Wilted Eden."
Scott Cornish - engineer on "Blood Moon Blue" demo, built upon for final version

Reuben Kaiban - artwork, layout


all rights reserved



Jail Weddings Los Angeles, California

Wilted Eden, the expansive third album by L.A.'s tarnished romantics Jail Weddings is one of those rare albums recorded in "real time" chronicling the intersection between the whirlwind birth and eventual death of new love, along with the sudden unforeseen deaths of many loved ones. Still standing in their 10th dizzying year, the Wall of Sound provocateurs return anew... ... more


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Track Name: Wilted Eden
A sign hung on the gate
"The zoo is closed today"
They came to see the animals
Then they became the animals
Now nobody knows
What side they stand at every cage
Cause at your initial glance
It appears a large expanse
At the expense of the horizons growing grey

But no storm could ever give life to
This wilted Eden
We were warned when it became impossible to move
Why do you all want to be part of
This wilted Eden?
It will never bloom

I tried to get down to my roots
But I was pulling my leg
I ended up on all fours
Yes, I ended up on the floor
To beg
I looked up for acceptance
But asked a question instead
"Why do the idiots dance
On the other side of the fence
Who pays their rent and why am I fading away?!?"

And the swarm descends to pollinate
This wilted Eden
But too late to even find blood in any veins
Someone struck a match to burn all of
This wilted Eden
But then the floods came...
Track Name: Do Anything You Want To Me
The inconsistencies of karma
The hippies got it all wrong
You do kind things because it feels good
Not to get something in return
That’s why I dragged you down that dirt road
Where many would call a wrong turn
“So far out no one could hear you scream…”
And that’s funny
Because the first thing I did was finally scream

Do anything you want to me
Now I see the bravery
In dropping every fit
While our pendulum swings
Do anything you want to me

I orchestrated every drama
So I would emerge the true victor
With the deception of the Sisyphean stud
But now I see a bigger picture
The transparency of the martyr
Yet my head remains at your feet
So you must try to listen harder
As I repeat what Crazy Jackee said
It was so sweet

Do anything you want to me
I’m not here to beg or plead
I know love is amoral
And it never sleeps
Do anything you want to me

Submission and surrender
They’re two very different things
The latter means “forever”
The former cuts off your wings
Be my forever angel baby
Every part intact
Convince yourself I’m not some demon from your past
Well, golly gee…

Do anything you want to me
If you’re anything like me
I would allow yourself a second puberty
Do anything you want to me
Track Name: (Can't Wait To Get To) Nowhere
Allegiance and ignorance
They are such strange bedfellows
“But this place would fall apart without me!”
Now, repeat that to your own ego
As if we could single-handedly stop all of the overflow

The weight of millions here
Finally suffocating my soul
When there is so much wild frontier
That won’t be concrete jungle
So where else do you put someone who has almost turned into stone?

Well, I can’t wait to get to nowhere
They say this city is a state of mind
Try telling that to a whole mind that is fried

The assassins we endure
To be on the front lines of the action
Will lose my forfeiture
Return it as my rightful ration
While the front lines keep on searching for a couch to crash on

Well, I can’t wait to get to nowhere
They said that I was such a staple here
But it was over an open wound, I fear

Take a look at all of your peers
Think of what you all have I common
But don’t drown in your tears
When you realize that you really have none
Let’s change the plot
Let’s act like we are on the run

City scenery on a loop
Now, what are we trying to protect
When the cuckoo flies the coop
It’s not a result of neglect
I’ve just gone to collect
What is left
Of all of my intellect

And I can’t wait to get to nowhere
Somewhere better be standing if I return
Or I will continue to wish it burns
Track Name: Face Of Kindness
When I saw that face of kindness
In the middle of a crowded room
I forgot that a face of kindness
Could temporarily remove my doom

My friends and I were dancing to Blue Angel
When I felt two eyes staring right at me
So I pointed right to her
Like some early Nicholas Cage movie
Then ran through the crowd like the Devil was parting the sea

Then I kissed that face of kindness
And I almost knocked her off her stool
Ignored the faces of our friends behind us
But they all said that it looked so cool

And we kissed in a death grip
As of we had done this all before
Oblivious to all eyes watching
Like I was a soldier returning from war
And they all stood and cheered as our glasses shattered on the floor

I would have missed that face of kindness
Knowing I’m a fatalistic fool
But something tells me that this face of kindness
Just broke every single rule

We met under the Blood Moon
My heart beat euphoric
Rattling my own ribcage
She told me she had another heartbeat for me
Throbbing hard below her waist
Suddenly an empty room
We realized everyone had escaped
Track Name: Blood Moon Blue
Blood moon blue
Poked a hole in the night
Punched the glass through my frame of mind
Leaving an image of you

Blood moon blue
Oh, we traveled through time
When our fleshed coalesced
And we left all our old skin behind

I’m done standing alone
Can we remain intertwined?
Defying the speed of a planet spinning out of line

Blood moon blue
Tore a hole in your tights
Have I finally found the right way to my own Mrs. Right?

Blood moon blue
It feels just like a dream
Endless as the ocean and just as erratically obscene

I don’t want to go home
Can’t we just stay outside?
I’m wholly convinced
We can solely be nourished
By the light
Of blood moon blue
Track Name: Skin Invocation
If you see somebody beautiful
Waste no time
Pull them close
Wipe the tears and saliva from your face
Tell them why they’re the one you chose
We’re so alone that it’s scary, dear
We pass through everyone like ghosts
Why can’t we boast of all our flesh and blood
Tearing off each other’s clothes?
Are you aware of our ability
To perform the most amazing stunts
With our swollen bayonet cocks
And our Venus Flytrap cunts?

This is not a prison yard we walk in
So let’s put our day dreaming to sleep
Oh my God, I’m about to burst
And force my faith to take a leap
From the palms of our hands
To the tips of our tongues
I see the athlete of pleasure in everyone

You can whore yourself to loneliness
A life of abstinence
Murdering every arousing thought
Demonizing every sense
It’s such a shame the way we live, dear
But I don’t want to be consoled
We’re malnourished of affection, babe
So let’s devour each other whole
Track Name: Do You Really Want The World?
We found each other
Amidst the rubble
I took your hand
We began spinning
Blurring the lines
Of triumph and trouble
Until our city
Was sparkling
Those flickering grids
Of smoke, mirror and fire
Actually, our city looks like Hades
Whose streets are the same
As anywhere on this Earth
Like tight belts on obesity

Do you really want the world?
I’ll give you anything
But the world
Can we just go to the moon?

I used to wish everyone loved me
Until I met you
Now I wish they all would go away
But the day I finally figured out the world was round
Was the day I realized there was no escape
We could jump off anything, but we would hit the ground
And baby, I want to go to outer space
Baby, do you want to go to outer space?
Baby, I’m taking us to outer space…

You haven’t had isolation
Till you’ve had isolation with me
If we close our eyes hard enough
Their world’s a distant memory
And if the journey gets too rough
We must promise there’s no peeking
What do you think this strange wave is that we’re riding?
Track Name: Quality Of Mercy
Well, I had that tsunami dream again last night
I knew what coming when the horizon began to rise
Like a cup that's half-full
But fatally attainable
It was the water that was thirsty
I was swallowed by the tide

You told them not to tell me anything
Yes, I'm brutal when you're risking everything
When you lose the ‘ol “trick of truth”
It's just like dark sorcery
Did you really think that you'd be the one
To outrun a bullet from your own gun?
When you lose the ‘ol trick of truth
You're instant ancient history...

Oh, fuck your privacy

Now, I find my comfort only in these dreams
Where consequence has the quality of mercy
These dreams are where we go
When we all cease to be
I know I'm supposed to be living
But I just won't stop sleeping
In case you're trying to get a hold of me
Or if I could manipulate destiny
I'm keeping my eyes closed
So the door to your world will keep swinging
I didn't think I could get anymore crazy
But I'm not the one that died, right baby?
So I reserve the right
To keep screaming
Your name
Track Name: Many Fires Burning
What did my one eye see out the window as I kissed my girl goodnight?
I saw many fires burning
Competing with the moonlight
There were screams
There were police
Stampeding on all their bones
But all the fires lit up the city
Their cover blown

Like every conspiracy suddenly took human form
Every infinite falsity just became one truth reborn
The crescendo of the mob swelling into its own alarm
“We’re living science fiction, baby…Hold onto my arm!!!”

So we ran into the street
Into the stream of the maelstrom
Starting many fires burning
To keep the whole city warned
And I hate this generation
This abortion that was spawned
So we lit up a cop like a Christmas tree on the front lawn

The crackle of the flames sounded like a record playin’
Like the cruel gospel of Hades found us in between the prayin’
I was savin’ all my lovin’ for paranoia’s big reveal
So I kissed her under the sparks
To finally show her something real
Track Name: A Haunted Song
Can I sing you a haunted song?
You can’t give it back to me
When it’s all done
But I think you’ll feel it
Has been like this all along
Because your spirit still don’t know where it belongs

On that night
We toasted to my Irish line
Her Mexican blood intermingling with mine
She put tequila in our potion
We had drank all the Jameson
And we called our new drink The Cartel Car Bomb
While a thousand miles away
My man did that thing that cannot be undone

Can you believe this haunted song?
Who still escapes reality for fun?
The older we get, it becomes our medication
But some people think they’re some dumb magician

Now, every night
I try to drive in between the lines
My two hands numb from holding the wheel so tight
The love of my life, she’s by my side
But something is not quite right
I feel him
In tandem
A thousand Ouija boards couldn’t fix it
I will no longer follow him
Cause he got off
At the wrong way to exit

So, what do I do with this haunted song?
And this glass grenade in between my two eardrums
Though every parasite needs a host
There is no such thing as a ghost
It’s so much worse
It’s just pure emotion
Track Name: I Must Keep My Woman Happy
She’s got the perfect vision of Utopia
Why would I interfere with her?
An auteur of living, so sensible and free of debris
She is both it’s keyhole and it’s key
And when she swings open that door
All of us rats scream and then retreat
Though it may be an unpopular belief
I must keep my woman happy

And if I ever argue with her
It’s only to dispute
Who is what
Natural disaster
I claim volcano – my rage stays contained
She is the earthquake – she makes the whole damn house shake
If anything is not in its place
Or chips away at Fung shui
She works so hard to maintain
But my job is so easy
I must keep my woman happy

I wiped away every spider web
I went ahead and got rid
Of my haunted bed
Swept up every last cigarette
As she cautiously hung
Her taxidermy deer head

But my head is staying on my neck
The object
Is to keep her from seeing red
I direct
Her to our infinite sunset
The distance from us to the moon
Is assisted from the rushing plume
Twisting from the fire in our chests
But the moon makes a bet
As it slyly winks at me
“You must keep your woman happy…”

(Her only imperfection? Her intolerance for imperfection)
Track Name: Love Me Like I'm Dead
Impermanence is an unreal thing
So unreal that it’s the realest thing of all
I invite
All spite within me
Killing myself to believe everything is acceptable

You’re even better than the real thing
We share a car, bar receipts, a dog and all the heat
To trick ourselves into thinking
Gravity is not everything

Does Mother Earth spit or swallow every time a good one disappears?
What does it take to be a Saint
The same way I see you, dear?

It just goes on and on and on
The true delusion
That we won’t just get spilled
‘Cross the sky or the lawn
But ain’t that love?
I said ain’t that love?
Our heads in the sand
Waiting for the rest of our body
To catch up

But hey! I was only trying to get gone too!
Surrendering to something bigger than me or you
Some of us, just can’t help, getting seduced

I was looking for truth, now I’m praying for truce
Trapped under the same roof
Screaming for a sign
Its effect
Its holy proof

Well I guess it’s a defect I love as hard as I do
And hey I admit, I’ve chased an ambulance or two
We’re here alive and well, just not the heart or the head
Our history unfolded like an unmade bed
I spend nights on the couch wishing for mouth to mouth
Dreaming the cold wind is your gift of oxygen
But ain’t that love – its own inspiration?
I guess “vanilla love sex” has an expiration

Remember when we were kids and we’d secretly wish we could die for just one day?
With the exception that we could somehow bear witness to everything that they might say?
Well instead, can I be granted just one tantrum, cause baby, I learn from the best
And let’s see how close you listen
Let’s see if you can pass this one last test

There’s a difference in loving somebody gone and somebody that is still here
When you’re here they just pick you apart until you almost disappear
Then when you’re gone they go and fall in love with all our parts they used to dread
And I think it would just be so cool
If you could finally love me
Like I am dead

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