Godless Christmas

by Jail Weddings

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released December 20, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: Godless Christmas
Oh, Godless Christmas
This year it was all up to me
Some things went wrong
But I know
I can't pass the blame to anybody
So much for justice
It's often bloody and always tardy
It's just as much as we can ask for
Just to breathe

Your "precious" inner child
Reflects back at you
From your mirror
While I'm spent
Witnessing sincerity disappear
All the little babies
Who get so spoiled rotten
Have no idea they may just spend their days alone
Any bounty to be had
Will only be
Thanks to our own hands
Oh, Godless Christmas!

All cards on the table
I've said "thank you"
I have said "please"
But I am unable
To accept
Karma's inconsistencies
Every scheming fetus
Dreaming premature of world domination
Will get just what they wanted
True delusion
Screaming for the unattainable
When it's already laid out on the table
Oh, Godless Christmas!